This is a Perfect Example of What is Wrong With Our Education System

I am sure you have already had a good laugh from this image. Unfortunately, it is one of many examples of people trying to make points about how they are in control of their education, and know what is going on, yet they cannot spell simple words.

Unfortunately, this embarrassment will follow this hopefully-not-teaching-your-children person for the rest of her life.

Test Score Image

I am pretty sure I know what your test score is going to be…

So, my whole point here, was than versus then.

As I like to not get into the rules-and-regulations of my AP English classes eons ago when I was in high school, or the APA and Purdue formatting rules. I am going to keep this simple.

Then = next, after, also, as well

Than = instead of, in place of, not to be confused with.

Confused? Me too. Some examples…

I would rather sleep in than get up early to go fishing.

I am going to go fishing, and then come home and have breakfast.

I will fix the sink for you, then I am going out.

I would rather eat dirt than have this conversation with you.

Do these two words get you caught up? What words get you caught up that drive you mad?

Let me know, and I will post some solutions!

Happy writing, and happy reading!

The Wychetts – William Holley

This was a great, quick read full of laughs and not complicated in the least. This is definitely a YA series (this is book 1) or at least 4 or 5 that are published, with the promise of more titles to come.

The Wychetts Book 1 Cover

The story focuses on Bryony, a presumed teenage girl and her father, Bill. Bill is newly married to Jane, who brings along with her a 10 year old son, Edwin. Bill takes it upon himself to purchase a new family home for all of them, sight unseen. I chose to ignore the fact that no one in their right mind, or any mind, would ever do this. He did not even get the seller’s name or any information. Okay, so we are just going to move along and ignore the clearly impossible things happening here, and enjoy the story for the fun read it is meant to be. This house, called Wychetts (pronounced Witchitts), was created 500 years ago to ensnare the magic from the Guardians, to be used by the Dark One.

Bryony and Edwin are of course 2 Guardians, and Bill buying the house was not by accident. It was all planned in order to take the magic from the guardians and use it for evil.

There is nothing too scary here, and I would definitely let my 10 year old read it. Other than some talk of overgrown spiders, I did not see anything that would be of concern to young readers or their parents. I read it easily in a few hours, and will definitely read the other ones published to date. If you have young readers in your home, these books would be great gifts!

Visit there website for more information here:


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The Year of Living Biblically – A. J. Jacobs

Another great book by A. J. Jacobs will have you laughing, and cringing at the lengths he went to in order to follow the Bible for a year. His wife deserves an award for putting up with him as well 🙂

Year of Living Biblically cover

He followed the big ones; you know, the Ten Commandments, love thy neighbor, and be fruitful and multiply. Again, his wife deserves an award for putting up with him. He had the most difficulty with the rules in the Bible that some are aware of, and that very few attempt to follow. Such as:

Do not wear garments of mixed fibers. This involved worldwide searches for fabrics that were not mixed, with anything.

Do not shave your beard.

Stone adulterers. This is funny, you do not want to miss it.

Eating unleavened foods, and avoiding other foods or ingredients.

He was not dismissing the Bible as nonsense, but rather educating others on the sometimes complexity of it, and how as times have changed, some of the rules in the Bible are not applicable to this day and age. A.J. explains that he is Jewish, but said he is Jewish in the same way that the Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant. He states that he is also an Agnostic, so this was a spiritual as well as educational journey for himself.

This is definitely a story worth reading, and it is a book I would read again. Lucky for me, I own it, so I can do just that!

If you would like to buy this book, or read more about this and A.J. Jacobs, you can visit his website at

A Book To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

I do not normally read books that tend to be funny, but A.J. Jacobs has comedy writing down to an art form. Likely what makes it so funny is that he is the subject of his books, and the things he will do to write a story…so here goes

The Guinea Pig Diaries – A. J. Jacobs

“My Life as an Experiment”

The Guinea Pig Diaries Cover

If you have never read A.J. Jacobs writings, you have no idea what you are missing. Imagine living your life as if it were one big experiment. Were there things you wondered about, but never did anything to find the answer? Was there something you would love to do, but are unsure if it is even possible? This story may give you the courage to do just that. Or at the very least, it will make you laugh at what the author goes through as he uses himself as the test subject in any number of experiments.

This experiment has been a 15 year long project, which began when he saw an advertisement for a Laz-Y-Boy chair that had more bells and whistles than you could even figure out what to do with. A.J. Offered to sit in the chair for 24 hours straight and let the world know if this was the best chair ever made.

He fell asleep. But it started him on this journey that you want to take with him.

How important is the truth? A. J. spent a month being completely honest. Completely. He also spent that same month saying whatever it was that popped into his head. Anything and everything. He claims that this was the worst month of his existence.

This book shows you how easy it was for A.J. to outsource every single aspect of his life. He outsourced someone to pay his bills, do his research, track his tasks, and even feed him. He outsourced everything needed for his wife’s birthday celebration.

The chapter on “The Truth About Nakedness” began innocently enough with the need to assist Mary-Louise Parker on writing an article for Esquire. Wanting something not boring, she agrees to pose nude. She also lets him know for him to get the full experience of this project, he needs to pose nude as well. And he does.

“What would George Washington Do” came from a desire to know more about George Washington, as well as finding an article about the list of rules that George lived by. Well, by George, if he could do it, so could A.J. George’s list of rules covers everything, including not “adjusting” yourself in public. He vows to live by the rules George set, and a lot of it no longer applies 🙂

He wraps it up with being a uni-tasker. Only doing one thing at a time. No multi-tasking allowed. This is so much harder than he ever could have imagined.

If you are looking for a light read, full of laughs and good feelings, you have got to get this book! You will not be sorry!