And His Name Is…

…Franklin. My boyfriend suggested it, and once I saw his adorable face in person, I knew it was a perfect fit.

It isn’t based on literature, but it is based on history, in a roundabout way.

It took me about 10 minutes to realize why he said Franklin…

My 2 year old Sphynx is Benjamin.

Benjamin…Franklin. Cracked me up, honestly! My next love after books is history, and all of our wonderful men and women who lived amazing, world-changing lives.

And, now I can call them, or yell at them, at the same time.

Benjamin Franklin, come here!

I Need a Literature Based Name…

…for my new kitten. Yes; my new kitten. I know this is a blog about books, but as books are my life, and I am getting this new kitten in two weeks, I need his name to be amazing.

I have a 2 year old Hairless Sphynx, Beeblebrox Bare Bottom Benjamin Blu. Beeblebrox is my breeders name that is on all of her kittens, and I get a total of 35 letters and spaces, including her breeder name. I got Benny maxed out at 35. His official name is ridiculous, but he is just Benny to me 🙂 Bare Bottom for the lack of hair, and Blu because of those amazing eyes.

Miscellanious 7-7-2014 157

So, I am getting another Hairless Sphynx, and this one is a ginger. And here he is…

Ginger Boy!

So I immediately thought Rip Van Wrinkled, and call him Ripper. Or Bilbo Baggyskins. You see the trend here? My girls have been calling him Cheddar since they saw this picture.

I love Sherlock Holmes. Dr. John Want-Some Fur, and call him Watson? Mr. Tumnus? I am obsessed with Abraham Lincoln, but neither is an option for personal reasons due to the nick-names I know he will get.

No Weasley’s; my girls are mad about that.

Anything? Anyone?