“The Race” Review, Richard North Patterson

For being a political story written around a presidential election, I really enjoyed this book. I do not tend to lead toward politically-centered books, but this book seemed to have the right mix of everything. Corey Grace, the main character, went through numerous challenges to stick to his morals, while two other contenders fighting for the Republican nomination played less than fair, and nowhere near honest enough. There were certain aspects of this story, where “buying” votes was basically main stage and every day occurrences, that I truly wonder how often this goes on, because I know it does, at least to some extent. The back dealing of if we get this states votes, we will have this person, but lose this other state’s votes.

The story remained exciting without getting weighed down by too many details that weren’t necessary. There was a romantic twist, without being vulgar; just enough information to hold your attention, and have you rooting for Corey Grace to have a romance that works for him.

Although I am not likely to read this book again, as it isn’t my normal type of book, I would definitely recommend it to anyone to read. You do not have to be a political expert to follow the plots that are going on, and it is certainly a page-turner.

Next I think I am recycling a book because I am pretty sure that was the last book on my shelf that I haven’t read.