The Faust Syndrome – Jaysen True Blood

The Faust Syndrome CoverJust in time for the upcoming All Hollow’s Eve, one more story to make your hair stand on end while you fight the overwhelming urge to turn on every light in your home. Yes, it’s that good. This was my first read of Jaysen True Blood’s work, and I could not have been more pleased!

We all have the basic understanding of right and wrong; correct? Good. And we all try to do good by our hearts, and what we know we should be doing.

But what if you had the ability to do whatever you wanted? Anything: right, wrong, or indifferent. Could you still do the morally correct things and follow the rules of society as society dictates? What if you could have it all? Or at least you believed you could have it all. Then what would you do?

This story looks at right and wrong, morally correct and unethical, righteously sound and corruptness by evil. Read about the lengths one man goes to in order to have it all. Ironically, he “had it all” throughout his entire childhood. Having it all would cost him his soul, but what did he need that for anyhow?

You will never look at Heaven and Hell the same, and may change your mind on what you believe to be true. There is no religious marketing scheme here to get you into a church; just the lengths a man goes to in order to have it all. He destroys anyone and everyone who gets in his way, and then he destroys some more just for the fun of it.

The ending had quite the twist for me, and it made the story that much more profound now that I knew the “whole” story. I try at all lengths to never give out spoilers, and the same holds true here. You are going to have to read it for yourself!

You still have time to get this book and have it read before Halloween this Friday, October 31st. Or at least start reading it by Halloween. You will want to make space on your scary-books-bookshelf for this one. I myself am making room for a couple more of Jaysen True Blood’s books on my bookshelves.

You can find this book here:

The Books and Authors I Have Gathered Up So Far!

Okay, so nobody panic. I have it all under control. I will be posting below the authors and their books that I have gathered up today, so they know I will be reviewing their work. I do not have a Kindle, but luckily I can use their free app to read the stories. On my Nook HD 🙂 I am currently reading “Freecurrent; The Legacy” by Deanna J. Compton. This is the first of three books in this series, but I will be reading other stories in between. She is an author from my hometown in Michigan, and I met her this summer at a local festival.

I am also still 2 weeks out from finishing my last class of the year for my MBA. So, that does put a small crimp in my reading time. But have no fear; I love to read. I can read a book in a day. I do not read more than one book at a time. I have tried this before, and it just makes both stories less enjoyable. I do not speed read, skip paragraphs, chapters, or go to the back to see how it ends. I thoroughly read each book, enjoying every moment of everything that is going on. For me, reading is my escape; to quietness, different places, different worlds; where I get to meet people that become important to me (we will not even begin discussing my love for Harry Potter!)

I have also sent some of you emails letting you know I have your books, but for some reason yahoo is not giving me the “message sent” box, so I am thinking it is not going through. The emails I forwarded to my work email this morning did not show up either.

If your name and book are below, I have your story. I will be reviewing them pretty close to the order you asked for me to review; if I have a shorter book that I know I can get finished in a sitting, I may put that one in front of another. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I do not post a review without you seeing it first. If I do not like your book; I will let you know. It is certainly not my intention or plan to destroy anyone’s writing career. But I also cannot consciously give a 5 star review for a book that bored me. You do understand, right?

It is my goal to assist you in fulfilling your dreams of becoming a writer, while fulfilling the thing I love doing more than anything; reading books and the proper use of the English language.

If you feel you have not heard from me in an unordinary long time, do not hesitate to email me. I have a full time job, part time college, 4 daughters, one who homeschools, and a nekkid kitty that demands attention at the drop of a hat.

And just because he is so stinking cute, and has been eyeing me for the past 2 hours from his bed on the top of the fridge while I am shopping on Amazon, here is Bare Bottom Benjamin Blu, or Benny for short. He likes it when I read because  he knows he has a warm lap for several hours 🙂

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Like I said, do not panic! I have this all under control. I am looking forward to reading some great stories, as well as using this ridiculous knowledge I have for English and grammar for something worthwhile.


The Faust Syndrome – Jaysen True Blood

Footprints – Crissy Moss

Oklahoma Ride; Guideposts For Life – Tony Smith

Lady Luck’s A Loser – Caryl McAdoo

Kill Them Wherever You Find Them – David Hunter (Honaker was also listed as a last name, please contact me!)

The Night Shadow – Cheri Vause

Edge of Darkness – AJ Spencer

Franca Storm, I have Comfort Zone on my Amazon wish list.