That’s It For This Edition of Janet Maple

The Bad Guy Is Caught

Janet and Dean/Dennis keep working the case together, although she will not cut him a break and stop being angry with him. She just cannot see that he truly does like and care for her; something he had promised himself would never happen again.

The next step to find the missing link? That is with Tom. And who is going to work over Tom to get this much needed information? Right again: Janet. (She is sorry she even asked!) She sees it as much needed punishment for herself though for what she is doing to Lisa. They may have their issues, but she was still her best friend, and likely about to ruin her wedding plans and lock up her fiancé, even though he appears to be as clueless about the situation as Lisa.

Janet calls up Tom to have him meet her at a bar; Dean/Dennis just happens to show up there as well. An earlier deal with the bartender had Tom sloshed beyond belief and Janet and Dean/Dennis sober as a church choir. They get Tom’s drunk self home, and rush back to Janet’s with Tom’s laptop in hand. Dean/Dennis has no trouble getting past the initial password, and finds what he was looking for.

Apparently Tom can handle his liquor better than anyone thought; barely minutes after they hack into his laptop and get what they need, he is ringing Janet’s intercom, asking to come up to her apartment.

Back to Jon in the office. The first lawsuit comes in, as well as a subpoena from the SEC. He knew this was just the tip of the iceberg, and left work for the day. As he never leaves work for anything, his wife knew there was something terribly wrong, and he spilled everything to her. She vowed to stand by him, no matter what, and told him he needed to do the right thing and confess everything, likely for a more lenient sentence.

And now we’re back to Lisa. Sitting in her office, daydreaming about her wedding. Until her paralegal brings in a copy of The New York Post. She plays it off as nothing to worry about, until she is again alone in her office. Then the panic sets in.

Janet meets Dean/Dennis’s boss, and he offers her a job at the Treasury. She is too shocked to answer, but takes the envelope with the details of the offer with her and promises to call. And she still will not forgive Dean/Dennis, whom she also just at that very moment found out his real name was Dennis. Why don’t you add some more fuel to the fire, Dennis?

So how does it end? Hanging. Dennis asks Janet out, and she agrees. And that is it. There is no resolution to what happens to Bostoff Securities, Jon, Paul, or Lisa. Does this bother me? Not at all. It was a good read, easy and fun, and I will definitely be reading the next one in this series, “Catching the Bad Guy”. An except for book 2 lets us know that she did indeed take the job at the Treasury, is working with Dennis, they are strictly friends, and they are also both attracted to each other but refuse to admit it.

What Have You Gotten Yourself Into Janet Maple?

ImageThe Jack Russell Terrier? That’s Janet’s dog, Baxter. He does not help solve any crimes.

It seems as if Janet Maple is realizing she should have stayed unemployed, instead of taking a job with her friend Lisa Foley.

Some more of “To Catch a Bad Guy” by Marie Astor….

Immediately at the start of Chapter 7, Janet is trying to figure out if Bostoff is a clean company, or if they are crooks. After a week on the job, she had not had 1 single task that she could take credit for.

In the meantime, Lisa gets engaged to the Boss’s son, Paul Bostoff, just as she predicted. Likely something to irritate Janet some more, no doubt. Big brother Jon isn’t too thrilled about it either.

An upcoming SEC audit has Janet looking over some client files to verify everything is in order; missing addresses and ownership information was not a good sign.

And then we are back to Dean/Dennis for a moment. He begins contemplating bringing Janet in on what he is doing there; he believes she would be a good ally and could help him blow the case wide open.

Chapter 10 pretty much clears the air that Jon and Tom are both the ones behind whatever the illegal activity is that is going on, and Paul really doesn’t know anything about it at all. (I’m getting the feeling there are going to be a few people in this story who were in-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time, including Janet and Lisa).

Next we dig into a bit of Dean/Dennis’s background, and learn that he himself was once in finance, he went to work for a less-than-honest company. Once he was let in on the secret, he was approached by the Federal Government before he could find employment elsewhere. They offered him a deal to help them with their investigation, give up his securities licenses, and they would not prosecute him any further. He really had no choice.

Janet brings up her concerns to Lisa, who could not care less; telling her to let the operations department deal with it. Janet tells operations she was granted access, so operations hands her a password to information she really shouldn’t be seeing.

An engagement party at Lisa’s parent’s home, and a cousin of Lisa’s who turned into the same jerk he was when they were growing up put quite the damper on Janet’s evening. Lisa doesn’t seem to think she is responsible for anything, and the two end up barely speaking.

Jon Bostoff agrees to take part in a shady deal with a client, for the largest amount of money he’s ever risked. This could be the one that brings him down.

Janet meets Dean/Dennis at a bar, not knowing he knew she would be there and he planned it all. After a pleasant evening together, she asks Dean if he noticed anything odd about the company they work for. He chose that time to say his good-byes for the night.

Tom later spends a quiet evening trying to woo Janet, but his intentions are mainly to make sure she knows nothing about the scheming Jon and he are doing. Dean/Dennis tells Janet who he really is, and she is furious; feeling as if she had been used for information.

Now she needs to tell Linda, who won’t shut her mouth (my words) about her wedding. Janet tries to tell her; and never gets the chance. She agrees to help Dean/Dennis, but only if he keeps Lisa and Paul out of Jail. Lisa he can promise to, but not Paul, he is too high up on the food chain, even if he really knows nothing.

So, the fall is about to happen; how many are going to get taken down?

I will have this finished up tonight, and will be moving on to another book 🙂

Beginning of “To Catch a Bad Guy” by Marie Astor

This book seems like it is going to be a fun read. I have to say though, I did read a sentence that made me cringe.

“Her shoulder length blond hair was flowing down her back.”

Huh? How could she write this sentence, and how in the world did the editor miss it? LOL Anyhow, what I’ve gotten through so far….

Janet Maple-29 years old, a law-degreed professional, about to start a new job working for her high school best friend, Lisa Foley, the “Queen B” as Janet puts it. A downsizing at the District Attorney’s office became known to Lisa, who called and offered Janet a job just as she was losing hope.

Enjoying her new office, and her new raise, she is on the job a few minutes when Lisa lets her know they are having a business meeting with a man who she may be interested in. (Lisa was always controlling, and apparently she still is). Tom Wyman is his name, and as she tells herself she will not date this man, she finds him appealing just the same.

We briefly meet Dennis Walker, disguising himself as a computer ”geek” (his words, not mine!) to start working an investigation case involving Bostoff Securities. (I wonder what that’s about?). As Janet meets him while he is sitting at her desk the next morning, he introduces himself as Dean Snider, IT Analyst.

As Janet learns the in-and-outs of Bostoff from Tom, who is a legal counsel for Bostoff as well, she is uneasy about the fact that all transactions are taken care of in off-shore accounts. Tom telling her it is all completely legitimate does not ease her mind.

We go back to Dennis/Dean, who bugged all the necessary computers, and is watching as live data is being fed to Treasury office computers. He is looking for a money laundering scheme, and he is looking at Bostoff.

Janet remains uncomfortable, and goes to Lisa’s office, asking about the structure of the company. Lisa tells her to not worry about it, Tom does all the work, and they are basically there for appearance sake. Oh. And Lisa’s mom called Janet’s mom. That is why she now has a job. Yes. Janet is furious. It seems like Lisa is just as clueless about what is likely going on at the company as Janet. (At this point, I am saying that Tom is knee-deep in this mess, orchestrating it from behind the scenes).

Not being one to sit around and do nothing, Janet is determined to learn everything she can about Bostoff. (Nothing bad can come of that, right?) After meeting the powers-that-be, we sit in on a conversation where they are not happy with the new hire, and what if she is a whistle-blower? Hmmm.

There is some background information on the Bostoff family and where they came from, but nothing that I think is going to have any bearing on the story. If it does, I will fill you in!

Next On My Reading List

Marie Astor's 1st book in the Janet Maple series
Marie Astor’s 1st book in the Janet Maple series

I am going to start reading “To Catch a Bad Guy”, by Marie Astor. This is titled as Book 1 in the Janet Maple series. I have never heard of this author, so I am really excited to dig into this book and see how it is. It appears to be another mystery/suspense style that I really enjoy.

Have you heard of Marie or read any of her books? I have to say I am a bit concerned seeing as how the 2nd books title is “Catching the Bad Guy.” Really. Hmmm, seems a bit less than ambitious on finding a title that doesn’t sound exactly like the 1st book. I’ll let you know what I think a I get going!

More to come later 🙂