We Now Interrupt This Program For This Important Service Announcement

Being that I am on a mini-vacation, and at my favorite hotel/casino, the only Friday Fun Facts I am posting is that I’m not posting my Friday Fun Facts 🙂

so here’s to wishing you all an amazing weekend, with a warm home, a cuppa something, and a good book in your hand!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day too! Don’t eat too much chocolate (is that even possible?)

Happy Valentines Day 2-14-14

Remember That Story About The Tooth Fairy?

You know, “What-the-Dickens”? That guy. Yep. I’m still reading it. Except I haven’t picked it up in a week. Since about the time my 1st college class started for my MBA. So, I don’t know about you, but I find this completely unacceptable. So I will find a way to manage my time to include my recreational reading and blogging, and tell you how this story ends. Patience is a virtue, right?


and that right there is the truth!
and that right there is the truth!

More to come, sooner rather than later (fingers crossed)!