The Most Wonderful Place in the World!

The Glass Floor
The Glass Floor

Yes. One of many libraries near me. I generally do not frequent this library, but I thought you would all like to see the section with the glass floor. A little freaky to walk on, but unique none-the-less.

Don’t forget, I am drawing on Thursday to send one lucky reader Joanne Fluke’s “Lake Eden Cookbook”. If you missed my previous post, it is more of a storybook, less of a cookbook. This one just seems to be full of recipes from numerous books. Confused? Me Too!

1) follow my post

2) Leave a comment of your favorite book and its author

I am in dire need of new reading material. I will be drawing a name Thursday, and sending this book on its way this weekend.

Happy Monday, and Happy Reading!

What a beautiful building!
What a beautiful building!

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