That Book I Can’t Put Down!


Yep, that’s it! This book has been occupying all of my time; my free time, my wish-it-was-free-time, and my should-be-sleeping-time.

I could probably put it down if I was not determined to get a B or better in this class (paying for it if I get a B- or lower is the best motivator!). I have to say, the more I read it, the more it makes sense.

But I will be glad to move beyond null hypothesis, random samples, z-scores, and confidence intervals. 4 more weeks to go, and then on to hopefully a less grueling human resources class. I will never again forget what the mean, mode, and median are 😀

I apologize for my lack of posts, my blogs are my relaxation time! I do plan on starting a new story tonight; a light, fun read, likely a mystery. So as I try to get smarter, I will make sure I still make time for “me”.

Are you reading anything right now because you have to?

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