The Color of Heaven

After it taking me weeks to finish “Dead on Demand”, I literally started this book as soon as I finished that one, and had it completely read before sun-up. It was a wonderful story, sad, beautiful, heartbreaking, and full of more emotions than you could imagine. It is a story that goes full circle, pulling in a few others while that circle is making its way around.

 The Color of Heaven – Juilanne MacLean (writing as E.V. Mitchell)

Sophie had the perfect life, a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Michael and Megan were everything to her, and then Megan got sick. At the too-soon age of 5, Megan passes away. Sophie cannot cope, and Michael drifts away. After losing her daughter, she loses her husband to his pregnant girlfriend who wasn’t afraid to move forward. She wasn’t even angry at him, because she understood.

Julianne MacLean
Julianne MacLean


A car accident that leaves her upside down in an iced over lake begins the changes in her life, the things that she will learn, the things she always knew but couldn’t bear to face, and the fact that it is okay for her to be happy.


Her relationship with her father has been irreparable ever since she was 14 and her mother left her, her sister, and her father. It is well past time for her to fix the things in her life that truly need fixing.

More to come later 🙂

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