One of My Favorite Days!

The last day of ANY college class! I have to admit, this class went fairly well, and I had a great professor. He even suggested I submit my Graduate Research Paper to a magazine, journal, or online publication! I was shocked, but also very happy for the great encouragement. It really is nice to be recognized for the amount of hard work one invests in that type of assignment.

Throwing Papers in Air Image
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So to celebrate, I dropped my HR Management class that was scheduled to begin tomorrow. It is starting to get nice here in West Michigan, and I want to read books that I pick. I also have a couple of editing jobs I just started working on, so I am very excited about that. I also plan on a lot of motorcycle rides, swimming pool time, and just plain laziness until my next class starts on June 23rd.

Yeah; June 23rd. Not the greatest time to start a college class, but it is my last required core class, and this is the last time it is offered this year, so I have to take it then or wait until 2017. I am already crossing fingers that that class will go as well as this one did.

So plan on a lot of book reviews, some featured authors, great quotes, and I will try to limit my grumbling to my parenting blog 🙂

Life As I Know It Is Officially Over…

…because after having 10 weeks off from college, and almost 2 more weeks to go, I will again have class starting as I continue working on my MBA.

Accounting. Accounting for Managers, to be exact. I could have cried when I opened the book. Not counting the index, and numerous appendixes, this book is 1145 pages long.

Accounting Book 001

So I am pretty sure that when I say I am going to have 6 long weeks of nothing but accounting, I am probably 110% correct. I like working with numbers, and I have taken enough accounting and financial classes that I am not concerned about the work load, but I am very concerned about what kind of life I am going to have outside of working full-time, homeschooling a teenager, and a Master’s level Accounting class.

Yes, “What was I thinking is running through my brain non-stop right now!” When I disappear for awhile, do not panic 🙂