Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

I bought this book several years ago off Ebay, along with a smaller book about Abraham Lincoln and his Step-Mother. I really never had any intention of reading either, as I just purchased them to put with all the rest of my Abraham Lincoln things I have collected over the years.

With all the big names that contributed, I think I may indeed end up reading this!
Abraham Lincoln Old Book

Abraham Lincoln-His Essential Wisdom

A book that sits on my desk at work is “Abraham Lincoln~ His Essential Wisdom”, edited by Carol Kelly-Gangi. No, I don’t flip through this book looking for little gems of insight to hand out to my team members should they have questions, issues, complaints, etc. But…. I have read it. It is a wonderful little book that has many known, and unless if you read EVERYTHING about Abe like I do, many unknown quotes.

Mr. Lincoln truly was a funny man, with a sense of humor that some may have found as dry, or even rude, but those close to him knew it as nothing more than his wit and clever thinking.

Sometimes it may have come out at an inappropriate time, or shocked some of his guests or listeners, but I really think no harm was meant by it on Abe’s part. I really think he could do nothing more than just be honest, no matter how much one didn’t want to hear the truth.

So why do I have this book sitting on my desk? I like to look at it. It has a nice portrait of President Lincoln on the cover, and I have a slightly over-zealous obsession of all-things-Lincoln. No, I do not know why. He is not a long-ago branch on my family tree, and I cannot remember the first time I became aware of who our 16th President was. Maybe I did a report on him when I was in Kindergarten?  Maybe we had a school celebration for Presidents day that I was conscious of but too young to remember today?

On My Desk
On My Desk

It’s a book I will take home eventually to put back in my bookcase, maybe replacing it with another book of one type or another. I think I like it on my desk because it is a part of who I am, and a part of what defines me, my feelings, my beliefs, and my love of all comments sarcastic, right-in-your-face, no words minced.

With that being said, I should also say I have a Pop Television Dr. Sheldon Cooper vinyl doll standing in front of this book (but not blocking the portrait!), pictures of my girls all over my cork board, usually a Portals of Prayer book sitting somewhere near-by if I take it out of my purse, and a candy dish that I change with the holidays full of whatever candy happens to be in season. Gingerbread Twix, Hot Cocoa 3 Musketeers, and Cordial Cherry Hershey’s Kisses right now. Yummy!

You Cannot Help But Love This Guy! Unintentional sarcasm at its best!
You Cannot Help But Love This Guy! Unintentional sarcasm at its best!

I spend 50-60 hours a week at work, sometimes more. I spend a lot of that working on a computer. So having my desk feel a little bit like home makes it not-so-bad to be at work so much. Oh. And loving my job helps too!

Finished Dr. Sleep, up next for me?

I finished up the last couple chapters of Dr. Sleep This morning; I really enjoyed this story. I was surprised I was able to get it read in a week with the schedule I was juggling, but it is amazing how much you can read when you have a 5 minute space of free time 🙂 I still intend on getting The Shining and reading it as well. Have you finished yet?

Up next? Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. I have never read any of Bill’s books before, but have been wanting to read Killing Lincoln, which he penned as well. I am a huge fan of Abraham Lincoln, reasons unknown 🙂 I have admired him since I was a very young child, and that has never changed. I read everything I can find about him (except apparently, Killing Lincoln LOL). I am not a huge watcher of political shows, so although I am familiar with Bill O’Reilly and where he stands, I am curious as to his writing.

An interesting fact that a friend told me about the cover of Killing Jesus (pictured here) that had a part in me picking up this book with Dr. Sleep? The picture on the front is not of a crucifix, but instead it is a T, which I wondered about when I saw the cover the first time. The reason for this? I was told it is an accurate depiction, and that when persons were crucified, it was on a T, and not a crucifix. If the person did not die as quickly as planned, on the T, they could easily break his neck and kill him; this could not be accomplished on a crucifix.

Although I tend to not talk religion or politics Books and TBBT Toys 026) I will be posting some updates on this book, how I think it is written, and the things that are covered.

Is this book on your bookshelf, and if it is, have you started it yet? My goal; finish this by next weekend. It is about a 1/3 of the size of the last book, so that shouldn’t be an issue.