Friday Fun Facts!

P Cornwell book cover 1Patricia Cornwell

Born: June 9, 1956

Wrote: numerous Kay Scarpetta novels, starting with Postmortem, as well as The Body Farm, Potter’s Field, and numerous others, with the latest being 2014’s Flesh and Blood. She has also written a couple other series, but no where to the extent of the Scarpetta series.

Awards: Too many to list them all, but they include the Edgar Award, Sherlock Award, and British Book Awards.

Personal: Patricia married one of her professors shortly after graduation, and divorced 9 years later. She was in a relationship with a married female FBI agent before meeting and marrying Staci Gruber in 2005.

She suffered with Anorexia Nervosa and depression, as well as bipolar disorder.


P cornwell book cover 2


Another Abraham Lincoln Book I Need to Read! (Oooops)

Another Abraham Lincoln Book I Need to Read!

Boy did I goof. I know that Sarah Bush was Abe’s Step-Mother, and Nancy Hank was his birth mother. Hence, my post below is completely incorrect; although Abe did love his mother very much (and his step-mother) and I think I am going to read this book regardless. It is fairly small so although it smells like old books tend to, it should be a quick read. I apologize for my inaccurate information!

This book is about Mr. Lincoln and the relationship he had with his Step-Mother, whom he grew to love very dearly. He had a difficult time when his Mother passed away.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

I bought this book several years ago off Ebay, along with a smaller book about Abraham Lincoln and his Step-Mother. I really never had any intention of reading either, as I just purchased them to put with all the rest of my Abraham Lincoln things I have collected over the years.

With all the big names that contributed, I think I may indeed end up reading this!
Abraham Lincoln Old Book

Hidden Pictures In Your Books

Hidden Pictures In Your Books

Click on link above to see the video!
Click on link above to see the video!

I had to share this link from on what you may find on the edges of your old books. This is kind of driving me nuts right now because I know I had books where each edge of the page was printed just a teeny-tiny bit around the edge of each page. I have a sneaking suspicion this is what I had in my hands.

Now I am debating if I want to go in my basement and start digging through boxes and bookshelves full of my books.

Maybe tomorrow.

Have you ever seen this?