Friday Fun Facts!

P Cornwell book cover 1Patricia Cornwell

Born: June 9, 1956

Wrote: numerous Kay Scarpetta novels, starting with Postmortem, as well as The Body Farm, Potter’s Field, and numerous others, with the latest being 2014’s Flesh and Blood. She has also written a couple other series, but no where to the extent of the Scarpetta series.

Awards: Too many to list them all, but they include the Edgar Award, Sherlock Award, and British Book Awards.

Personal: Patricia married one of her professors shortly after graduation, and divorced 9 years later. She was in a relationship with a married female FBI agent before meeting and marrying Staci Gruber in 2005.

She suffered with Anorexia Nervosa and depression, as well as bipolar disorder.


P cornwell book cover 2


A Little Gem of a Book I found on Accident

Books 8-23-13 003Being an avid book shopper (I would live and Barnes & Noble if they would let me!) I tend to grab a lot of books off the clearance racks for a great deal and something to read later on. It had to be last year when I picked up “Where the River Ends” by Charles Martin. I had it read within two days, and thought it was an amazing story. Not to give to much away, but it is based on a couple whose wife is in her very final stages of cancer, and they struggle to get through her Top 10 lists of things to do. Very poignant, with lots of action and suspense, and yes, at certain points it made me cry. I will definitely be looking for more of his books. I have yet to be disappointed by a book from the discount rack. Have you had a chance to read this book?