What Should I Crack Open Next?

I am looking at a couple books on my shelf that I haven’t read in so long, I do not remember what they were about. I have to say though that they couldn’t have been all that horrible or they would be in a box in my basement that I have no intention of ever opening again.

Have you ever moved and kept moving unopened boxes from house to house? I boxed up stuff and moved it into my house, in the basement. Lived there 11 years. Hauled those same boxes, never opened, back upstairs and into my new basement. Guess what? 4 years later, and they still aren’t opened. It’s almost like having my own personal time capsules that I never intended to make. Honestly, at this point, there can be any number of things in these boxes that I would rather not be reminded of!

Moving Boxes

So, I am thinking of getting back into Charlaine Harris’s Murder Mysteries series with Aurora Teagarden as the heroine/detective/always in the wrong place at the right time. I have read a few of these, but not all of them. I wish she would stop writing the True Blood series and focus on this one instead!

The 1st book in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series
The 1st book in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series

Have you read these wonderful little books? They are a quick read, fun and full of mystery. Or do you have a book in mind that I must absolutely read? If you do I would love to find it and read it!