From a Buick 8 – Stephen King

Yes, this is what I was finishing up yesterday. I am not positive on the number, but this has to be at least the 8th time I have read this story. I still pulls me in now the same way it did when I first read it.

From a Buick 8 cover image

I consider this “classic” Stephen King. We tend to hear that a lot, and say it often. We compare stories we read now to the first stories Mr. King wrote. We even try to find the timeline of his “drunk” writing, and his “sober” writing. We want him to explain to us how he dare to write something we did not like.

Have I read stories he wrote that I did not like? Absolutely. But it does not mean it is time to put the pen down and do something else. I read a story that he wrote that literally made me cry, it was romantic and horror all at once. I cannot remember the name of the book, and I do not own it. I just remember a man being in love with a younger woman and she was killed in the end…

From a Buick 8 is intense, supernatural, and all about family and friends. A young man is struggling with the death of his father, and it seems like no one can give him the answers he needs. The answers that will allow him to accept what happened, and move on with his life.

No spoilers here, as usual, but we are talking about a car that showed up out of nowhere, with a driver that disappeared, and became the unfortunate property of Pennsylvania State Police Troop D.

It spit out horrors, and tried to pull them each in. And friendships lasted, friends died, and life moved on, with or without answers that one young man so desperately needed.

If you have read this story, I would love to hear what you thought of it!

Dr. Sleep is on My Bookshelf!

Very excited about reading Stephen King’s latest book, “Dr. Sleep”. I just picked it up today, and hopefully will have time in the next couple of days to begin reading it. I have never read “The Shining” and would like to read that as well! I have seen the movie more than enough times that it still scares me like crazy, but I also know books are always better than movies.

I tend to run hot-and-cold for Stephen Kings books. I either love them or don’t really care for them. But as he has written so many books, I have found plenty of his stories that are just terrific. I read under the dome, but found it to be less than exciting for me. I think his favorite book I have read to date would be “From a Buick 8”. Has anyone else read this story? I have read it about 5 times.

Have you begun reading Dr. Sleep? Is it what you expected? Spoilers ore OK! Just a warning ahead of time for others who don’t want to know anything ahead of time.