Dr. Sleep is on My Bookshelf!

Very excited about reading Stephen King’s latest book, “Dr. Sleep”. I just picked it up today, and hopefully will have time in the next couple of days to begin reading it. I have never read “The Shining” and would like to read that as well! I have seen the movie more than enough times that it still scares me like crazy, but I also know books are always better than movies.

I tend to run hot-and-cold for Stephen Kings books. I either love them or don’t really care for them. But as he has written so many books, I have found plenty of his stories that are just terrific. I read under the dome, but found it to be less than exciting for me. I think his favorite book I have read to date would be “From a Buick 8”. Has anyone else read this story? I have read it about 5 times.

Have you begun reading Dr. Sleep? Is it what you expected? Spoilers ore OK! Just a warning ahead of time for others who don’t want to know anything ahead of time.