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Is this truly correct? I had several comments on the original post to this give-away, but no one who commented has entered yet. The drawing is now open, I am posting the link below again. Please be sure to click on this link to get your name entered. If you have any issues with Rafflecopter, please email me at with Give-away as the subject.

This ends at Midnight on December 9th, in order to ensure I have enough time to get these in the mail prior to Christmas for the lucky winner.

Please be sure to follow this blog if you don’t, post a comment of what you would use the cards for, and the very best of luck!

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Dean Koontz Autographed Book Give-Away – Update!

I was made aware that the Rafflecopter giveaway link is not working correctly in my blog post from yesterday. I am reposting the link below, it should take you to a webpage. If, once you get there, it will not load, please send me an email at, with Dean Koontz as the subject, and I will put your name down for the drawing.

I am currently looking for another giveaway platform to use for my future giveaways, and hopefully it will go much smoother.

I also wanted my new followers to know that although the requirement is to follow my blog to be put in the drawing, I do still need you to enter your email via the Rafflecopter link. I received several new followers yesterday, and I just want to make sure if you followed to be part of the drawing, to please go to the link, or email me if necessary, to get put into the drawing.

I appreciate, and get super-geeked :-), over each and every new follow, so I want to personally say Thank you for choosing to follow my blog! It means the world to me!

Here is the link, and I hope it cooperates better this time!

Who knew it could be so difficult to give away things???

Last Chance To Get In The Drawing! Two $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards!

My first give-away of the holiday season will be closed tomorrow. If you have not done so yet, go to the attached link to get yourself entered. You just need to follow this blog if you do not already do so, and leave a comment on what you would use the gift cards for!

One lucky winner will be getting both gift cards; keep them both, share one, or give them both away!

The winner will be drawn tomorrow and announced by Thursday! Good Luck to each and every one of you 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Bethleham                                                                                                                      The Greatest Gift Of All; My Salvation!

Wishing you and yours a Blessed, Wonderful Christmas, with everything you wish for, granted. To enjoy the gift of giving, and making others happy, is what truly makes me happy!

My Christmas gift to myself is going to be a Nook HD+ 🙂 I have enough gift cards to get this this year. I have always said I will never get an electronic reader, because I love my physical books! But I will definitely be using the apps on here, as well as managing my magazine subscriptions. I stopped my subscriptions to all magazines quite some time ago; I could not stand reading something once, and then throwing it in the trash.

Environmentally, this is a wonderful idea 🙂

Has your Christmas been everything you expected or hoped for? Did you have an outrageous surprise? I would love to hear about it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, L. Frank Baum

A Genius of Children's Story-telling
A Genius of Children’s Story-telling


How I have never heard of or come across this book is beyond me. I absolutely love L. Frank Baum and was sure I had read all of his books, even those that had nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz. This book was published in 1902, and tells a very interesting story of how Santa Claus came to be. There are several places in it that explain the concept of stockings hanging by the fireplace, the Christmas Tree, and I found the most interesting part of the story being as to how the parents got involved in helping Santa get the presents ready for the kids.

From the end of the story: “So, to lighten his task, which was fast becoming very difficult indeed, old Santa decided to ask the parents to assist him. In the story: “Get your Christmas trees all ready for my coming,” he said to them; “and then I shall be able to leave the presents without loss of time, and you can put them on the trees when I am gone.”  And to others he said: “See that the children’s stockings are hung up in readiness for my coming, and then I can fill them as quick as a wink.

And often, when parents were kind and good-natured, Santa Claus would simply fling down his package of gifts and leave the fathers and mothers to fill the stockings after he had darted away in his sledge. “I will make all loving parents my deputies!” cried the jolly old fellow, “and they shall help me do my work. For in this way I shall save many precious minutes and few children need be neglected for lack of time to visit them.”  

Besides carrying around the big packs in his swift-flying sledge old Santa began to send great heaps of toys to the toy-shops, so that if parents wanted larger supplies for their children they could easily get them; and if any children were, by chance, missed by Santa Claus on his yearly rounds, they could go to the toy-shops and get enough to make them happy and contented. For the loving friend of the little ones decided that no child, if he could help it, should long for toys in vain.

And the toy-shops also proved convenient whenever a child fell ill, and needed a new toy to amuse it; and sometimes, on birthdays, the fathers and mothers go to the toy-shops and get pretty gifts for their children in honor of the happy event.  “In all this world there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child,” says good old Santa Claus; and if he had his way the children would all be beautiful, for all would be happy” (L. Frank Baum, 1902)

What a clever way to explain to children the story of Santa and how he came to be. I am going to look for this book so I can get it for my girls, I think they would really enjoy it. But it will have to be an updated printing, because the majority of the ones I am finding online are a fortune! There is one on Ebay right now for $1200.+, with 20 colored plates and it is a 1st edition I believe. Wow! I would love to have it, but a bit out of my buying range 🙂

My next mission for book-hunting!
My next mission for book-hunting!