Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor – Patrick Taylor, MD

This was another great installment in Mr. Taylor’s Irish series of books. This one takes place after Fingal’s marriage to Kitty, and there are lots of changes going on in not only Fingal’s life, but everyone around him as well.

Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor Cover Image

Barry has done specialty but is ready to return to the practice with Fingal. Kinky is getting married herself, and the town is not being very accepting of Jenny, the new “lady” doctor who is helping Fingal while Barry is specializing.

The residents of Ballybucklebo are up to their usual antics and good times, and this story takes you back to another time when things were easier.

This story is set in 1965 Ireland, but also goes back thirty years to when Fingal first met Kitty, and how she got away from him the first time. Every other chapter goes back 30 years, but it is written in a way that makes it a smooth, easy read.

I think this story could easily be read without having read any previous books in this series. I am pretty sure I have not read the very first book in the series yet, but have read about 5 or 6 of the others. But with that being said, you should read them all; they are that good πŸ™‚

If Ireland interests you, especially Ireland in the early 20th century, these stories are full of factual information about the history of Ireland. As Mr. Taylor is a licensed medical doctor, the medical information that is included in the book is also spot on, and gives the back story on how diseases were so very devastating in this time of history, as well as how antibiotics and cures were found and developed.

Irish Tweed – Andrew Greeley

Irish Tweed Book CoverI absolutely love the β€œIrish” series of books by Andrew Greeley. He was the subject of one of my Author Information posts, and is absolutely one of my favorite authors. He was a Catholic Priest (he has passed away) and wrote many books that were full of mystery and suspense. You would never know he was a priest from reading his books, so if you have never read his work before, you should really try one of his books. It is not all religion and scriptures. At all!

His Irish series are centered on Nuala Anne McGrail, her husband Dermot Michael Coyne, and their children. The number of children increases as you continue through the series! There is always mystery, danger of lives lost, and also a good amount of history about Ireland. Not the boring history though, just the good stuff!

In Irish Tweed, Dermot is pouring over the memoir of a woman from Galway, who came to America after her family died in the famine. While Dermot is doing this, Nuala and her teenage daughter are knee deep in taekwondo classes, thanks to the bullies at the school across the street from their home.

The backstory of the Galway woman weaves in with the current plot of the story, which seems to put the family right in the middle of tensions from days gone by.

I have to say, I read so many of these books right in a row, that I began talking with the Irish dialect that is prevalent throughout the Irish series of books. It took a while to stop doing it, and people looked at me weird when I said something that sounded off-the-wall to them. Such as, instead of saying β€œyes”, I would say β€œβ€™tis true.” People who irritate are called eejits. It was rather embarrassing, but there are 12 books in this series and I read them within less than a couple months.

I highly recommend giving one of the books in this series a try. Once you do, I promise you will need to read them all!

Happy Halloween!

Nothing like a few short stories to freak your kids out with on Halloween πŸ™‚ “Bloody Irish” by Bob Curran is just such a book. It has several Celtic Vampire Legends. Halloween did start in Ireland, and the book is even extra-interesting if you’re Irish!


Wonderful short stories full of Irish Lore
Wonderful short stories full of Irish Lore

Happy Trick-or-Treating, and here’s hoping where ever you are, you can stay dry. I certainly won’t…..rain all day long and 40 MPH winds.

I guess I am going as a drowned rat!