The Lincoln Conspiracy – Timothy L. O’Brien

I found this book while I was wandering up and down the aisles of my library looking for a different book. Most of you probably know I am a HUGE Lincoln fan (I may have a problem!), so I always like to read books that revolve around him, his family, or his presidency.

The Lincoln COnspiracy Cover Image 1

This one did not disappoint. Temple McFadden is a Detective in Washington D.C., and happens to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. From the beginning to the end, Temple, his wife Fiona, and their friend Augustus are doing everything in their power to protect two diaries. One is Mrs. Lincoln’s; the other belonged John Wilkes Booth.

They have assistance from some other friends, are double crossed, and every day seems to bring a new battle. It is believed that both diaries contain information on the possible real reason Mr. Lincoln was assassinated. Many want to see the diaries destroyed, in order to protect themselves and their business interests.

I always try to avoid spoilers at-all-costs, so I will have to leave this review here. If you enjoy history, this book is a must-read!

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum – Part II

So I promised to let you know the thing that moved me the most on my whole vacation. There were so many things that were emotional for me, including seeing Lincoln’s Tomb, and touring the replica of his Funeral train. But I have to say the museum has some of the best, most realistic displays I have ever seen. And when I walked around the corner after seeing a sign for the Ford Theater, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I literally had to take a minute and compose myself, take a couple deep breaths, and tell myself I could get through this.

You would not expect something about a person you never met, and an event that happened 150 years ago, could personally affect you. It certainly did for me.

It seems innocent enough
It seems innocent enough
The realistic details on not only the settings but on the people is unbelievable. This is what I saw immediately after walking past the sign, and I lost my breath.
The realistic details on not only the settings but on the people is unbelievable. This is what I saw immediately after walking past the sign, and I lost my breath.

President and Mrs. Lincoln; Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris were their guests.

President and Mrs. Lincoln; Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris were their guests.
President and Mrs. Lincoln; Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris were their guests.
It only takes a second for everything to change.
It only takes a second for everything to change.
President Lincoln lying in State.
President Lincoln lying in State.

The Lincoln Museum and Library

Another wonderful day in Springfield. Being a research library, there was not much to see 😦 The museum, however, was amazing!

I was so emotionally moved by the displays here, it is definitely something everyone should experience once in their lives. It will be more than once for me, because I will be back!

Tomorrow, a post about what moved me the most in this museum.

Some of the amazing displays:

Abe courting Mary Todd
Abe courting Mary Todd
One of many debates
One of many debates
Mary being helped getting ready for an event
Mary being helped getting ready for an event
Saying goodbye to your child
Saying goodbye to your child
A Mother's love; a Mother's sorrow :-(
A Mother’s love; a Mother’s sorrow 😦

Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor – Patrick Taylor, MD

This was another great installment in Mr. Taylor’s Irish series of books. This one takes place after Fingal’s marriage to Kitty, and there are lots of changes going on in not only Fingal’s life, but everyone around him as well.

Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor Cover Image

Barry has done specialty but is ready to return to the practice with Fingal. Kinky is getting married herself, and the town is not being very accepting of Jenny, the new “lady” doctor who is helping Fingal while Barry is specializing.

The residents of Ballybucklebo are up to their usual antics and good times, and this story takes you back to another time when things were easier.

This story is set in 1965 Ireland, but also goes back thirty years to when Fingal first met Kitty, and how she got away from him the first time. Every other chapter goes back 30 years, but it is written in a way that makes it a smooth, easy read.

I think this story could easily be read without having read any previous books in this series. I am pretty sure I have not read the very first book in the series yet, but have read about 5 or 6 of the others. But with that being said, you should read them all; they are that good 🙂

If Ireland interests you, especially Ireland in the early 20th century, these stories are full of factual information about the history of Ireland. As Mr. Taylor is a licensed medical doctor, the medical information that is included in the book is also spot on, and gives the back story on how diseases were so very devastating in this time of history, as well as how antibiotics and cures were found and developed.

The Jefferson Key – Steve Berry

I found this to be a great book. It was better than I expected, and being a history buff, this is no-holds-barred! Mixing history with facts, this book held my attention from start to finish. The author did not overwhelm with useless information that added pages to the book, but no information.

Books and Covers 9-15-2014 004

Fighting the Government, Cotton Malone is focused not only on success, but on the woman who is holding his heart captive. There are twists and turns here, but not a whole lot I can say without giving you spoilers. The main concept of this story is that four Presidential assassinations that span a hundred years are related and happened for the same reason as the assassination attempt on the current President, Danny Daniels.

Is it possible that our founding fathers put into place a clause that allows for the sanctioned killing of a United States President? This is what Cotton needs to figure out, and it puts him on a trail that takes him from one side of the country to the other.

If you are a history buff, and love to read, you will want to make sure this book goes on your must-read list!

Are You A New Author? I Want To Read Your Story!

*UPDATE* 11-30-2014*

*I want to thank everyone that was willing to allow me a peek at your in-process, about-to-be-published, and published stories for me to review and edit when requested. I am down to a minimum of stories to still get finished, and it will not be a long process from here on out. As of today, I will not be accepting any more stories for editing and reviewing through this blog. This is strictly due to the fact that I want to finish up the stories I have left to do, as well as begin reconstructing my blog, or likely setting up a website, where I can strictly offer these services. With Christmas 4 weeks away, I want to make sure I do not overwhelm myself as I prepare for a very busy 15 more days at my company before our year ends, as well as getting my home-schooler squared away and on task before the new year begins. Thank you again for all of the responses, I have gotten to read some absolutely fabulous stories, and made some friends along the way as well! I hope as I get closer to setting up a website that I can call on those of you whose stories I reviewed for honest feedback on my abilities to proofread/edit!*

I will in the very near future be offering my knowledge and skills for proofreading (usage and formatting), editing (line and copy), sentence and paragraph structure, plots (and those plot holes we all dislike so much), point of view, structure of the story, and other services the author deems necessary to publish the best, most polished book they can.

There are some things you may, or may not know, about editors. They love books. They really, truly love books. They also love authors. They love that you are making this sacrifice and commitment to get the written word out to the masses, and an editor wants to help you with that. An editor really can help you publish the book of your dreams; a book you are going to be proud to market, autograph, and host release parties for.

I have to date reviewed numerous books I have read by choice, and books I have been asked to review. I have met many great new authors who truly deserve to be famous in the world of books. In that aspect, I am not asking or expecting you to give me your book for free in exchange for an honest review. I go to the bookstore all the time and buy books by authors I have never heard of, because I like the summary of the story, and the cover caught my eye. With that being said, I also do not have the means currently to be spending hundreds of dollars on books in order to review them.

In return for my review, I would like an honest review on my proofreading and editing abilities. If you want someone to find any spelling or grammatical errors, I am that person. Are you not sure if you are writing in the proper point of view for the story? I can fix that. Plot holes? I can make them disappear.

So you would probably like to know what exactly makes me a qualified editor for your work that you have invested so much of your time and talents on, correct? Correct.

I love the English language. I love everything about our complicated, hardest-language-to-learn in the world. I love spelling complicated words, and how a sentence can be structured to be an amazing line of thought-provoking letters and punctuation. I am currently working on my MBA, and have portfolios of all papers written for my previous 2 college degrees. I have maintained a GPA of 3.83 to 4.0. That 3.83 was courtesy of Statistics classes. Yikes!

I read to learn, so I have vast fields of knowledge in various areas that may be of benefit to you. I love history and everything about it. From the Civil War to now, if it is out there and I found it, I read or watched it. Mythology and various religions have also been areas of study for various classes and research papers. I love to research information, and document it. Are you citing someone else’s information? I can make sure you are protected from any possible instances of plagiarism. If you need to add information but you are not 100% sure it is correct, I can find and fix it for you.

If you are interested in an honest review of your book, I would love to review it! I do not post a review that I was asked to provide without the author first seeing it. It is not my intention to harm anyone’s future as a famous writer. I will also provide the review to Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, your blog, website, or publishers website. If you want it posted somewhere specific, you just need to let me know.

I can be contacted in the comment section to this blog, or reached at This is my personal email address, and any instances of spam will be immediately deleted, and you will be blocked from any access to my emails or blog. Thank you for your understanding!

I look forward to great readings and reviews to come!

Better Than I Hoped, and Not What I Expected

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Book Cover

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – Seth Grahame-Smith

Being a huge fan of all things Abraham Lincoln, I was a little worried when I first picked up this book that it was just going to be horrible, and ruin my penchant for Abe forever. Boy was I wrong!

Even persons vaguely familiar with Abraham Lincoln are likely aware of the love he had for his mother. Her passing was devastating to the young Abe, and although he loved his step-mother very deeply, no one could fill that void.

That is where this journey begins. It begins with Abe finding out a vampire is responsible for his mother’s death. He discovers a vampire colony that is responsible for numerous unsolved deaths. And then he meets Henry Sturges. Vampire extraordinaire, Henry has the same goal as Abe. Henry teaches Abraham the ins-and-outs of vampires, and Abe is a willing student.

What did the vampires have to do with the Civil War and the reshaping of our nation? More than you would ever believe. This story is told from the 3rd person perspective, with the journal entries of Abraham Lincoln dispersed throughout.

We all know who won the war, and what became of Abe, so I will not spoil the story any more. But if you like history, Abraham Lincoln, or vampires, you definitely need to read this book!