Chapter and Hearse – Lorna Barrett

I believe this is book 5 of the 7 books I bought in the “Booktown Mystery” series of books. I enjoyed it as well as the others, but there were a couple of things that I read that just did not sit well with me.

Chapter and Hearse Lorna barrett cover Image

Tricia Miles again is caught up in a murder mystery of her own, while trying to run her bookstore, “Haven’t Got a Clue”. There are many who really wish she would just mind her own business: mostly the people killing other people. Her sister, Angelica, is on a book tour promoting her new cookbook, so Tricia is watching her employees at her restaurant and bookstore. Throw in her love-life-going-down-the drain, and some sketchy behavior by her employees, and you will certainly keep turning the pages.

I am switching it up and starting a different type of genre to read next, so be on the look-out for that.

A fun cartoon from Lorna's website! Be sure to visit it at
A fun cartoon from Lorna’s website! Be sure to visit it at

I have yet to hear from anyone who has read this series, and am curious on how you liked it if you have indeed read some of these stories?

Bookplate Special – Lorna Barrett

Book 3 in the Booktown Mystery series had Tricia Miles finding yet another dead body. That makes 3 in a year for this sleepy, quiet New Hampshire town. Normally this type of thing would probably bother me but I see it as being no different than Joanne Fluke’s mystery series featuring Hannah Swensen, who seems to find a dead body every time she walks out her front door. (These are fantastic stories as well, full of recipes too as Hannah owns a cookie shop).

Bookplate Special Cover

The victim this time is Pammy, Tricia’s college roommate and less than pleasant houseguest. Apparently Pammy was looking to come into some money by blackmailing a resident of Stoneham, who was not exactly receptive to the idea.

Tricia is spared dealing with the always difficult town sheriff, Wendy Adams, who each have a strong dislike for the other. This time, it is Captain Baker who is investigating the murder, and none too soon as Tricia has just had quite the falling out with her boyfriend and owner of the local newspaper, Russ Smith.

You get to take part in a wedding (no, not Tricia’s), and watch her sister Angelica struggle as she opens a diner while still running the Cookery bookstore. A stray cat gets rescued, and Tricia and Angelica continue to work on their normally stress-filled relationship.

All in all this was a fun story, and it certainly had its share of twists and turns. I believe I still have 4 more books in this series, but I will be picking up something different next as I work through my Accounting class, and work on two editing jobs.

What has you reading late into the night as of late?

Bookmarked For Death – Lorna Barrett

Book 2 in The Booktown Mystery series did not disappoint! Tricia Miles is now contending with her sister, Angelica Miles, being a full-time resident in Stoneham, New Hampshire. Angelica bought “The Cookery” bookstore after the murder of Doris Gleason, the first murder Tricia found herself caught in the middle of.

Zoe Carter, National Bestselling Author and local resident, finally agrees to a book tour, her first ever. Her last stop is at “Haven’t Got A Clue”, Tricia’s mystery bookstore. When Ms. Carter ends up strangled in the bathroom after the less-than-stellar book signing, Tricia once again finds herself caught in the middle, between any number of possible suspects, and Sheriff Wendy Adams, who may very well be Tricia’s biggest enemy.

Tricia seems to have another enemy, as she gets closer to discovering who the killer is, and the killer is bound and determined to stop her, even if it means she is the next murder victim. Tricia needs to figure out how Ms. Carter’s niece is involved, as well as her faithful employee Mr. Everett, and a host of other members of this (usually) peaceful, quiet town.

This is a great read that you will get through in no time, and as an added bonus, there are several recipes included that Angelica has prepared throughout the story.

To learn more about Lorna Barrett and this series of books, be sure to visit her website here:

A fun cartoon from Lorna's website! Be sure to visit it at
A fun cartoon from Lorna’s website! Be sure to visit it at

Murder Is Binding – Lorna Barrett

The first book in another series by Lorna Barrett, these books are sold under the “A Booktown Mystery” tag line. Set in Stoneham, New Hampshire, Tricia Miles is one of many bookstore owners who finds herself caught in the center of this small town’s first murder in decades.

Murder is binding Cover Image

Stoneham is a sleepy town on the coast, where in order to boost the tourism and economy, Bob Kelly, president of the Chamber of Commerce, had the idea to rebuild the center of the town and have various bookstores that cater to the tourism from neighboring cities and states.

Tricia Miles owns “Haven’t Got a Clue”, a bookstore devoted to mystery novels. There is also “The Cookery”, devoted to cookbooks, and “History Repeats Itself”, specializing in historical novels. Who wouldn’t want to live in a town with so many great little bookstores? Well, except for the murders, that is.

Apparently Bob Kelly is putting the pressure on one of the bookstore owners, threatening to raise her lease amount when it is time to renew. Tricia wants nothing more than to run her store, and not get involved in all of the issues going on around her. When her sister, Angelica, decides to come for a visit, Tricia knows her peace and quiet is officially over. Questioning what the ulterior motive is for the visit from Ange, Tricia’s days of calm and quiet are about to end.

As is my policy, about 98% of the time, there will be no spoilers here. What I can tell you though, is that this story is a fun read, full of twists and turns, and it will keep you guessing until the end. It also includes recipes that are mentioned throughout the story, and the antics of the shop cat, Miss Marple, will have you smiling!

If you love books as much as I do, you certainly will not want to pass up the opportunity to read a story about books, bookstores, murder, and mayhem! I do have 7 of the 8 books in this series, so you will be hearing more about this fun series in the near future.

A fun cartoon from Lorna's website! Be sure to visit it at
A fun cartoon from Lorna’s website! Be sure to visit it at

You can visit her website here:

Books About Books!

B&N Books Gift Card 10-23-2014 001Has anyone read Lorna Barrett’s books about Tricia Miles, owner of a mystery bookstore?

I am just asking, because I now own 7 of them, and have never read her books.

But, when I see a series of books, about a bookstore owner…Oh Boy! I believe that I do have all of the books she has in this series, and it appears to be the type of books I read, mystery and funny, all rolled up into one great story!

I received a gift card from my awesome team at work when I was leaving my position as their Supervisor to take a different position (everyone knows I am all about the books…) and while I was killing time before a weekly Doctor’s appointment, Barnes and Noble is where you will find me.

So I was just curious; have you read them? What did you think?

I have a stack of stories in front of me I am reading before I even think about starting on these, but my MBA class ends in 2 weeks (WooHoo) and then I am free and clear for the rest of the year!

Just a thumbs up or thumbs down if you please, I am not a fan of plot spoilers!