Book Winner and The Book I REALLY Need To Read!

The lucky winner of Joanne Fluke’s “Lake Eden Cookbook” is Adopting James! Congratulations and if you can email me where you would like this sent I will take it to Fed-Ex Friday, and let you know it is on the way. And the reason I need to read the book shown below is because I did not realize that if I was not using I could not communicate via email through So, I apologize for my error there and if you could send the information to, I will send you the book. This is MY email address that I opened this summer to sell my motorcycle on Craigslist. Yes, I rode a motorcycle 🙂 It was pretty too! If you are not comfortable doing this, leave a comment here, I completely understand, and as soon as I flip my 2 blogs over to, which will be soon, you can communicate with me that way and feel more secure. I will hold the book for you.

Sooooo, the book I should have read 4 months ago when it showed up at my door?

I need to stop reading everything else and read this book!
I need to stop reading everything else and read this book!

YEP. WordPress for Dummies. I have started it numerous times, thumbed through different chapters, but never really read it because from what I could see, all of the fun stuff can only be done when you use So I would just read it when I switched to that.

I should have read it when I got the book! I will be reading it and doing some improvements this weekend, and hopefully moving everything over to the system.

Happy Reading, and Happy It Is Almost Friday (Even if it is snowing here!)

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