Michigan Winters…

…The gift that won’t stop giving.

But I really, really wish it would 😦 Schools and businesses were closed all last week; beginning the Friday before. 6 days off from school for my daughter. A half day Monday and Tuesday, and school closed again today because of the ice storm we got overnight. And the second ice storm is coming tonight. So no school again tomorrow. I am just hoping I can make it to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I need to keep these vacation days for warmer weather!

Are you stuck somewhere getting hit with the Polar Vortex and now the second storm? How are you keeping the family from getting cabin fever?

And The Day Has Arrived!

Well, tomorrow that is. Today is 11 weeks since I broke my ankle in 3 places, and I get to go back to work tomorrow. Definitely grateful for how fast I have healed, although I am definitely no where near 100% yet. I can walk/hobble/limp, whatever you want to call it, and can drive.

So of course, being Michigan, there is snow, snow, snow with accumulation since last night 😦 Are you flipping kidding me??? It is supposed to stop this afternoon and not start again, and I am praying that is the case. Now I get to be a basket-case about slipping and falling getting to my car and getting into work…

My panic and anxiety has been fairly much under control, but once in a while I get smacked upside the head, completely out-of-the-blue, with a major panic attack. I hope as I get back into my “normal” daily routine, those random attacks will ease up as well.

I cannot bend my leg very far, which is hard to explain except that I cannot go up or down stairs facing forward, because it won’t bend far enough in that direction. I go back to the surgeon on Monday, and am hoping he can let me know for sure that it will indeed loosen up and get better as time passes and I continue walking, or if there is a chance some or all of this hardware may need to come out. I certainly hope that isn’t the case, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you to all of you who have sent me books, words of encouragement, and book suggestions. Unfortunately I did not get as many books read as I would have liked, but I had some very, very dark days of not being able to do anything besides get myself to my bathroom. Those books will be read, and will be reviewed, and for that I thank you!

Now if Mother Nature could just get her head out of her flipping ass I would be feeling pretty excited about getting back to work tomorrow and seeing all of my co-workers!

In case if you forgot how horrible it actually was……….. I will never as long as I live forget the experience I have been through, and would not wish it on anyone. God is truly good, and I know I have been Blessed with the healing I have had! Counting on God to keep me on two feet and upright until this snow finally goes away and we can have the Spring we have all been waiting for!


Book Winner and The Book I REALLY Need To Read!

The lucky winner of Joanne Fluke’s “Lake Eden Cookbook” is Adopting James! Congratulations and if you can email me where you would like this sent I will take it to Fed-Ex Friday, and let you know it is on the way. And the reason I need to read the book shown below is because I did not realize that if I was not using wordpress.org I could not communicate via email through wordpress.com. So, I apologize for my error there and if you could send the information to cyclerider321@yahoo.com, I will send you the book. This is MY email address that I opened this summer to sell my motorcycle on Craigslist. Yes, I rode a motorcycle 🙂 It was pretty too! If you are not comfortable doing this, leave a comment here, I completely understand, and as soon as I flip my 2 blogs over to wordpress.org, which will be soon, you can communicate with me that way and feel more secure. I will hold the book for you.

Sooooo, the book I should have read 4 months ago when it showed up at my door?

I need to stop reading everything else and read this book!
I need to stop reading everything else and read this book!

YEP. WordPress for Dummies. I have started it numerous times, thumbed through different chapters, but never really read it because from what I could see, all of the fun stuff can only be done when you use wordpress.org. So I would just read it when I switched to that.

I should have read it when I got the book! I will be reading it and doing some improvements this weekend, and hopefully moving everything over to the wordpress.org system.

Happy Reading, and Happy It Is Almost Friday (Even if it is snowing here!)