Question for my Book Friends-Update With Drawing

So these wood book boxes showed up today, and I have a couple of options. Varnish, book cover pasted or painted on top and end, hand paint a book cover, or just add decals/stamping/artwork, etc.

These will be going in my store, they are about 7 inches long and I was really impressed with the quality of these.

What would you need this to be finished like in order to consider buying it? I have no idea on a price until supplies and labor are put in.

Looking forward to hearing your great ideas!

Update- for classic book covers, is a cover image and my drawing after. A quick drawing, it would be more precise when painted with straight lines where needed. Thoughts?

What I’m Doing Right Now!

Enjoying my 6 week break from college classes for my MBA!

Editing an awesome book by a new author and  cannot wait to share it with you!

Creating great gifts for book lovers for my store!

My blog page has had some issues; i.e., I paid $299.00 for a business blog only to not be able to use all of the options. WordPress was amazing as always, and we worked it out.

The downside? I cannot get rid of the link in my blog to my store which no longer works…and I need to create a new link.

So what I am making right now are book boxes. I am working with paper mache as I look for a good supplier of wood products.

I have keychains, book bags, and book ends.

And I am holding a raffle in the Fall with a book bag, a fun Halloween themed book, some hot cocoa or apple cider mix, and something that smells awesomely pumpkin! I will be giving away a few of these! I love to share, and we are almost to my favorite time of year!

Stay tuned!

Keychains and Flowers 9-5-2015 002



It’s Time To Change Things Up; Again!

Or at least I am going to try to get some things changed on this site. The last time I tried to move over to Bluehost, I lost all of my followers, my posts; pretty much everything.

So I was thrilled to see that WordPress has a business site that means I do not need to move my domain and blog.

Okay, it is a bit pricey per year, but after the stress I went through when I tried this the last time, I am more than willing to hand over the cash to save me any headaches I would again cause myself by attempting to do this on my own.

I used to be computer-savvy: not any more.

So do you use I hope if you do, you have wonderful things to say about it 🙂

I will likely be spending some time this weekend getting things set up exactly how I want, and with a 2 week free trial period, I can’t go wrong. If I don’t like the way it works, I can just go back to what I am doing now until I find something else. I am going to have to change my theme (which I really like!) because it will not support the menus and pages I want to add. So you will be seeing a new, polished Books & Opinions page very soon!