Finders Keepers – Stephen King

Another brilliant book by Stephen King. He is in fine form with this sequel to “Mr. Mercedes”. The way this story ended has me nothing but hopeful that there has to be a third installment.

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These books have the classic Stephen King feel to me. Fright, suspense, and a touch of paranormal and unexplainable things happening quietly in the background.

Bill Hodges is enjoying his retirement from Detective, and quite successful in his private detective business. This story picks up where “Mr. Mercedes” ended, but the focus has turned to one of the families that was devastated by the actions of Mr. Mercedes.

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If you have read “Mr. Mercedes”, then some of these names will be familiar to you. If you have not read it, yet, I cannot recommend it enough. In this installment, we get more of Holly, now Hodges assistant. Jerome and Barbara are still in this story, and we get to meet Pete and Tina Saubers. Their father was seriously injuring in the City Center Massacre, and Pete finds a way to help them with their financial struggles. Although he does nothing illegal, per-se, what he does do has serious consequences for his family. It is up to Bill to save all of them.

If you have gotten to read this as well, I would love to here what you thought of it!

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King

I was told by a few of you that I would love this book, and you were right! This was definitely along the lines of classic Stephen King, and it has set me on a new mission: to read all of the older Stephen King books that are seldom talked about and I have somehow not yet managed to read.

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As a side note; I still like “From a Buick 8” the best. I am going to have to pay close attention the next time I read it, which will be soon, to see if I can figure out what exactly it is about that one story in particular that makes me like it so much!

Trisha McFarland goes from being a normal 9 year old girl, with an irritating older brother, and parents who just divorced, to suddenly fighting for her life when she gets lost in the woods. Having a 10 year old daughter myself, I was often wondering what she would do and how she would handle each new situation that Trisha encountered as she walked for miles, trying to find her way out of the woods.

The one thing that saves Trisha’s sanity, at least for the most part, is listening to the Boston Red Sox on her Walkman, and telling herself that when Tom Gordon gets the save, it means she will get saved. This is classic Stephen King all over the place, but how much of it is in Trisha’s scared, starved, exhausted mind, and how much of it is really out there in the woods, watching her?

If you like Stephen King, you will enjoy this story. At less than 300 pages it is a quick read, and the only thing I did not like about it was that the chapters were so very long! I like to try to stop reading at the end of a chapter, but sometimes I just couldn’t because they were so long. I would have to put it down about halfway through a chapter, and then skim through the page before when I picked it up to refresh myself on what was happening since I was in the middle of something big going on in the story line.

I have already started Stephen King’s new story, Finders Keepers, but this one will be a bit longer of a read. I am still trying to get my blog in top-notch working order so I can attach my store, and I do have to go back to work tomorrow!

May your Sunday be full of great stories!

B&N Can See Me Coming From A Mile Away!

I did not realize that the sequel to Mr. Mercedes was out, so I had to go to Barnes and Noble today.

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If you missed my review of Mr. Mercedes, you can catch it here:

Have you started buying your summer reading books?

I absolutely had to buy “From a Buick 8”. It is my favorite Stephen King book, hands down. I have taken it out from the library so many times it is ridiculous, and I finally bought it! I dare you to read this book and tell me you did not love it!

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I also got another book by Mr. King, which I have never heard of. It is pretty small, and I am betting that I can get it read in a day. Any takers? A 9 year old girl gets lost in the woods with nothing but her walkman (yes, dated). Are you familiar with Tom Gordon? Me either. I will be reading this on Sunday.

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And then as I love shopping the bargain shelves, and this is where I find my favorite books, I found this little history book, which I will be reading right away. I love history anything and everything, and I cannot wait to tell you what is in this book!

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Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

I absolutely loved this book! I can honestly say this is one of my favorites by Stephen King. I have not read all of his stories, but I have read most of them. I still think my all-time favorite of his is “From a Buick 8”. Have you read it? If not, you need to go to your local library and check it out (pun intended)! From what I understand, this is not the only story we will be seeing involving Bill Hodges. That makes me a very happy reader!

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Bill Hodges is a retired detective, not coping well with sitting at home. When the perp (perk if you’ve read the story) decides to send him a letter, it gives Bill a new sense of purpose. This is one that he cannot let go, nor turn over to his former partner.

He goes back over everything he did involving this case, and the things he ignored that he shouldn’t have. You get to see Bill come to terms with the mistakes he has made, both at work and in his personal life. He tries to right the wrongs, when he can.

Brady Hartsfield (the jacket sleeve said Brady Hartfield, the spelling error surprised me. On the sleeve? Really?) is a brilliant mind from a troubled childhood. Still living at home with his alcoholic mother, he works two jobs while planning his next big kill.

Bill has two unlikely people working with him, which makes this story even more interesting. It is full of suspense, mystery, and even a few laugh out loud moments. I was literally holding my breath more than once while reading this! There were a couple spots where Mr. King mentioned two of his previous books; it fit right in with the story and was a nice touch.

If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend it. If you have, I would love to hear what you thought about it!

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Any Day I Get To Read Is A Day Where I Achieved Something Positive!

After a Thursday I would rather forget, and a Friday spent at home that I was not happy about, I managed to get motivated and get some things done around my house.

Yesterday we had a Winter Storm Warning starting at 11 am and I seriously considered leaving work to beat the storm, since I had to stop and get cat food and milk. Against my better judgment, I stayed for my whole day, and left work at 3pm. By now we had 50 mph winds, white-outs, and as I was cleaning my car off to leave work, my driver’s side wiper broke off my car. Already frozen after 4 minutes outside (wind chills were about -15) I was in the parking lot, cussing up a storm, holding my windshield wiper in my hand.

I am in Muskegon. It is a blessing being this close to the lake in the Summer, and a curse in the Winter.
I am in Muskegon. It is a blessing being this close to the lake in the Summer, and a curse in the Winter.

I found someone who was able to zip tie it onto the arm, and scared out of my mind, I began my treacherous journey home. I was afraid to leave the wipers running for fear it would break off while I was driving, so I would turn them on when I absolutely could not see anything, which was basically like leaving them on non-stop.

I got to the nearest auto parts place about 30 minutes later, and half-way to my home. I bought a new set of wipers, but they could not put them on for me. He really wanted to help me out, but it was against company policy. So by now I am in tears, frustrated, stressed, and angry. I get back in my car and continue my journey heading home, still knowing I have got to stop and get milk and cat food.

After that horrible journey home, I just needed to hug Benny!
After that horrible journey home, I just needed to hug Benny!

After an hour and a half, I made it home. I can get home from work in less than 15 minutes on a warm day. So after only working 4 days in this new year, I had to use a vacation day for today. I would not be able to get my new wipers put on before today, and I was pretty sure my car would be snowed in anyhow (it was).

So after avoiding doing anything for the majority of the morning, including getting out of bed, I figured I had better get some use out of the day. After doing some cleaning and organizing, I was able to finally begin reading Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King. I am not very far into it, but I am loving it so far. I have read mixed reviews about this story for the past few weeks, but until I get further into it, I will not have a good idea of what I really think about it.

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So my chores are done; unfortunately for my girls, who have had school closed for the last two days, I cannot say the same 🙂 I am making a big pot of spaghetti and garlic bread, and then I have nothing to do the rest of the night except continuing to read Stephen King!

If you are under a Winter Weather Warning yourself, I wish you warmth, comfort, and a great story to keep you busy!

Update To “Unwind”

This is a very good book so far; I think I am a bit more than halfway done. Things are getting very interesting for Conner, Risa, and Lev.

Now on the run, all 3 manage to pick up a storked baby (a baby that was not wanted; it can be placed on anyone’s doorstep, those people have to keep that baby). I mean, the cops aren’t looking for 3 teenagers with a baby, right?

Risa and Conner have no idea, but Lev is still determined to get back to his parents, and be the tithe he was groomed to be for the last 13 years. So at first opportunity, he makes a run for it, as well as revealing where Conner and Risa are hiding. Of course he realizes after the fact that this probably was not his smartest move.

Conner and Risa end up turning the baby over to a teacher who helps them escape, and Lev ends up on the run on his own, while meeting another teen, known as CyFi. CyFi has his own set of problems since he has part of a brain that belonged to a thief.

It all sounds strange, I know 🙂 But after reading any science fiction books, or any Stephen King books for that matter, I think you may very well get absorbed by this book.

I will update when I have it finished, which hopefully will be within a day or two. I need to get it wrapped and under the tree for my daughter!

One of many interesting things I have read so far:

“Which was worse, Risa often wondered-to have tens of thousands of babies that no one wanted, or to silently make them go away before they were even born? On different days Risa had different answers” (Shusterman, N. 2007, pg 115).

What are you reading that you can’t put down?