Dean Koontz Autographed Book Give-Away – Update!

I was made aware that the Rafflecopter giveaway link is not working correctly in my blog post from yesterday. I am reposting the link below, it should take you to a webpage. If, once you get there, it will not load, please send me an email at, with Dean Koontz as the subject, and I will put your name down for the drawing.

I am currently looking for another giveaway platform to use for my future giveaways, and hopefully it will go much smoother.

I also wanted my new followers to know that although the requirement is to follow my blog to be put in the drawing, I do still need you to enter your email via the Rafflecopter link. I received several new followers yesterday, and I just want to make sure if you followed to be part of the drawing, to please go to the link, or email me if necessary, to get put into the drawing.

I appreciate, and get super-geeked :-), over each and every new follow, so I want to personally say Thank you for choosing to follow my blog! It means the world to me!

Here is the link, and I hope it cooperates better this time!

Who knew it could be so difficult to give away things???

Autographed Dean Koontz Book – Give-Away #2

I am going to make this one short, sweet, and simple ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an autographed Dean Koontz book, “Innocence”. I purchased the book via Barnes & Noble from a presale of 500 autographed books. This book is not numbered, and it has not been read. I opened it to take photographs of the autographs inside. Other than that, it has been stored and not touched.

Innocence Cover Image

If you are a Dean Koontz fan, or know someone this would make a great gift for, be sure and enter via Rafflecopter. All you need to do is follow this blog if you do not currently do so. I have this give-away ending at Midnight on Thanksgiving day, or 12 am on Black Friday, however you prefer to look at it. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday, November 28th, and this book will be on the way to the winner as soon as I hear back from them (You!).

Benny & Koontz book cover 8-15-2014 009

I do have several of Dean’s books, but I know the mere fact that this book is autographed is going to keep me from reading it. I would rather someone who would read it, or enjoys Dean Koontz even more than I do, to have this book.

So get to it! Follow, enter, share, reblog, retweet, and whatever else you do! The sooner I give this book away, the sooner I can get to give-away #3 ๐Ÿ™‚ I have another autographed book by another famous author, as well as some more Amazon gift cards, and more than likely some more things book as Christmas approaches!

You can enter here:

The Winner Of The Two $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards Is…

Julia R. From Washington! Congratulations Julia ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you everyone for participating, and stay tuned for more giveaways coming up very soon! I have more gift cards, autographed books, and whatever else may catch my eye between now and Christmas!

I feel truly Blessed in my life and I also wholly believe that it is better to give than to receive! So that is what I am doing, now through Christmas!

Please keep participating and spread the word!


Christmas Image Beautiful!

Last Chance To Get In The Drawing! Two $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards!

My first give-away of the holiday season will be closed tomorrow. If you have not done so yet, go to the attached link to get yourself entered. You just need to follow this blog if you do not already do so, and leave a comment on what you would use the gift cards for!

One lucky winner will be getting both gift cards; keep them both, share one, or give them both away!

The winner will be drawn tomorrow and announcedย by Thursday! Good Luck to each and every one of you ๐Ÿ™‚

Give-Away #1 for your Holiday Season!

Here it is – my first official honest-to-goodness-free-stuff-for-you giveaway! I will be doing several of these through the end of the year, as it moves into one of my favorite times of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I have so many things to truly be thankful for, including my children, my health, my family, my job, my church, my friends, my pets, a warm home to live in, and food in the cupboards. I absolutely believe that it is better to give than to receive. Nothing gives me more joy than buying a special gift for someone who is not expecting it, and who I know will truly appreciate it. So whatever holidays you may be celebrating in the upcoming months, let me help you do so!

ย Amazon $25.00 Gift Card

So first up, I have two $25.00 Amazon gift cards. I was going to do a $50.00, but I figured that maybe I can help someone give a gift to someone else as well. So there are 2 for one lucky winner, you can keep them both, give them both away, or share one! I am a huge fan of Barnes and Noble gift cards, but with so many of my readers and writers using Amazon as platforms for their books, I figured this will give you a great opportunity to buy even more books!

So, all you need to do is follow this blog, leave a comment on what you would use your gift card(s) for, fill out the Rafflecopter form, and we will get this underway!

Gingerbread Cookie Murder – Joanne Fluke

Just in time for the upcoming Holidays (which I cannot wait for!) is a great murder-mystery without all of the blood-and-gore, full of laughs, and even boasts some great recipes.

Gingerbread Cookie Murder

Joanne Fluke has quite the market for her Hannah Swensen mystery books. Hannah owns her own bakery, and seems to come across dead bodies almost as much as she has customers in her shop!

This story begins when Hannah finds her neighbor dead in his condo, with a box of her gingerbread cookies on the floor next to him. Who did she sell those cookies to?

Joanne Fluke has dozens of these types of stories written around Hannah, and they are all good reads. I have not tried any of the recipes in the books, but they seem to be fairly straight-forward without a lot of complicated steps. This particular book also contains 2 more stories; one by Laura Levine, and the other by Leslie Meier. Gingerbread is the theme here, and I think you will enjoy these stories as well.

As we get through October and into November, I am going to be having a few different give-aways; books, gift cards, etc. Stay tuned, the details will be out soon!

Books About Books!

B&N Books Gift Card 10-23-2014 001Has anyone read Lorna Barrett’s books about Tricia Miles, owner of a mystery bookstore?

I am just asking, because I now own 7 of them, and have never read her books.

But, when I see a series of books, about a bookstore owner…Oh Boy! I believe that I do have all of the books she has in this series, and it appears to be the type of books I read, mystery and funny, all rolled up into one great story!

I received a gift card from my awesome team at work when I was leaving my position as their Supervisor to take a different position (everyone knows I am all about the books…) and while I was killing time before a weekly Doctor’s appointment, Barnes and Noble is where you will find me.

So I was just curious; have you read them? What did you think?

I have a stack of stories in front of me I am reading before I even think about starting on these, but my MBA class ends in 2 weeks (WooHoo) and then I am free and clear for the rest of the year!

Just a thumbs up or thumbs down if you please, I am not a fan of plot spoilers!

Book Winner and The Book I REALLY Need To Read!

The lucky winner of Joanne Fluke’s “Lake Eden Cookbook” is Adopting James! Congratulations and if you can email me where you would like this sent I will take it to Fed-Ex Friday, and let you know it is on the way. And the reason I need to read the book shown below is because I did not realize that if I was not using I could not communicate via email through So, I apologize for my error there and if you could send the information to, I will send you the book. This is MY email address that I opened this summer to sell my motorcycle on Craigslist. Yes, I rode a motorcycle ๐Ÿ™‚ It was pretty too! If you are not comfortable doing this, leave a comment here, I completely understand, and as soon as I flip my 2 blogs over to, which will be soon, you can communicate with me that way and feel more secure. I will hold the book for you.

Sooooo, the book I should have read 4 months ago when it showed up at my door?

I need to stop reading everything else and read this book!
I need to stop reading everything else and read this book!

YEP. WordPress for Dummies. I have started it numerous times, thumbed through different chapters, but never really read it because from what I could see, all of the fun stuff can only be done when you use So I would just read it when I switched to that.

I should have read it when I got the book! I will be reading it and doing some improvements this weekend, and hopefully moving everything over to the system.

Happy Reading, and Happy It Is Almost Friday (Even if it is snowing here!)